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Answers to our most commonly asked questions

How does my school become a member of IGSMA?

Fill out the "contact us" form on our homepage, or contact our Executive Secretary.

How do I know what District my school should belong in?

Visit our map, or contact our Executive Secretary.

How much does it cost to be a member?

Each school district will pay a $70 membership fee, as well as $20 per director.  For more detailed information, please see our constitution.

How much does it cost to participate in contest?

Each IGSMA district has it's own fee structure.  Please contact your district chairperson for details.

Who is eligible to participate in IGSMA activities?

Please see the "eligibility" section of our bylaws.

Does IGSMA have a classification system?


How many solos and/or ensembles can a student enter at solo contest?

5 solo and ensemble events

How many measures must a soloist or ensemble perform?

28 from one composition, excluding any form of repeats.  Vocal solos may include repeats if the lyrics change.

How many selections does my group have to perform at the District Contest

3 - Bands must perform a march, choirs must be memorized, jazz bands must perform at least two selections in contrasting style.

How do you qualify for State Organization Contest/Festival?

Your organization's final rating must be a First Division at the Distrct Contest

Can you use electronic equipment in concert band or orchestra?

No, unless indicated in the score.

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